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PowerFlushing Q+A
Q1. What is the biggest part of your Central Heating system?
Answer..  The water in it

Q2. Who looks after the water in your Central Heating system?
Answer..  Nobody, as there is no profit in doing so

Q3. How do I stop corrosion (Sludge - Magnetite)?
Answer..  It is impossible to stop corrosion but you can reduce it.

Q4. How can I reduce it?
Answer..  By adding inhibitor to the system when it is cleaned.

Q5. How often do I have to add inhibitor?
Answer..  Once a year

Q6. Why do boiler manufacturers recommend that
      Inhibitor is added every 3 years?
Answer..  Unfortunately manufacturers live in an ideal world. They do not experience systems which pump over or drain down without inhibitor being replaced, evaperation and so on.  Inhibitor is a chemical which will break down in time and therefore needs to be replaced.   Also, most people will not remember to replace the inhibitor in 3 years' time.  They will remember to add it to the system yearly.

 Q7. Would inhibitor be added by the engineer who does my 
       annual Boiler service?
Answer..  Most engineers do a service by Boiler Manufacturers' guidelines.
Can you remember the last time the service engineer went to your loft and put inhibitor in?  Or pumped it into the system if you have a closed system?

Q8. Why can't I just add inhibitor to my system now?
Answer..  If your system is dirty (Which is likely if it has not been cleaned in the last 5 years) the inhibitor would have little effect.  This is because it works by coating the insides of the system in order to repel water.  With sludge in the system, the system does not receive the coating as it is wasted on the sludge.

Q9. How will I know if my Central Heating system
      needs a Power Flush?
Answer..  Most times, it will be because it has been recommended by your  service engineer.  Also, some customers check out problems on the Internet and come to that conclusion.

. Would you recommend that I need a Power Flush?
Answer..  Let me say this, most systems have not been looked after correctly (not the customers' fault).  I would say that if your system is more than 5 years old ,  Probably.  If your system is having a new boiler then the manufacturer's warranty and guarantee will be null and void if you do not have a PowerFlush certificate when it is installed.

We find that on most occasions boilers 
Do Not  have to be replaced if a PowerFlush is done correctly.

Q11. How long would a Power Flush take?
Answer..  Even with 20 Years PowerFlushing experience, It is impossible to say.  I have never been able to clean a system in under 4 hours and some have taken 14 hours.  This is why we only clean 1 system per day.  We also guarantee that if your engineer can prove that we have not cleaned the system correctly and puts that in writing, we will re-do your system free of charge.

Q12. How much would you charge to Power Flush my system?
Answer..  Unable to say until you give us more details.  This can be done by clicking on our 'Quick Quote' button below and filling out and submitting the questionaire.  We will get back to you as soon as possible,

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